Divers Alert Network


The Antelope Valley Desert Divers, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have become a Divers Alert Network (DAN) Industry Partner. Along with DAN, the AVDD has made a strong commitment to dive safety. We look forward to working with DAN in building a continuing foundation of dive safety in our community and expanding your opportunities as club members to take advantage of DAN’s training, DAN insurance programs, and the purchasing savings this affiliation affords to Antelope Valley Desert Divers club members.


As you can see, we now have a DAN Membership custom link here on our website. You can sign up for an individual DAN membership for $35 annually, or a DAN family membership for $55 annually. You can also elect to enroll in one of the three different DAN dive insurance plans as a part of your membership. (Standard - , Master - , or Preferred - Annually.) via this link.


Using our DAN Membership custom link, you can complete the DAN Membership online application with a referral ID number that automatically allows AVDD to earn Reward Points for each new DAN member who signs up via this link. This procedure applies for new memberships only and does not include renewals for current DAN members. Current DAN members should renew their memberships through the normal DAN renewal process.


We also have a DAN Travel Insurance custom link where DAN members desiring to procure DAN Travel Insurance can enroll in trip insurance available from DAN.  Any DAN member who chooses to use this link to enroll in DAN Travel Insurance provides a percentage of their insurance fees to AVDD for the furtherance of safety, education, and community service that are the goals of the Antelope Valley Desert Divers, Inc.


Any member of the diving public can use our DAN Membership custom link to join DAN. Any DAN member can use our DAN Travel Insurance custom link to enroll in DAN insurance programs, but only current AVDD club members can take advantage any benefits that AVDD earns from this affiliation. All such benefits will be returned to the club members in reduced prices for DAN products and raffle prizes for club events featuring those same high quality DAN products.


DAN Industry Partnership program benefits include.


Exclusive pricing on DAN products


Reward Points program for referring new members


Travel Insurance programs with added incentives for you including Per-Trip and Group Travel options


Business listing on the DAN Online Store and the DAN Web Directory


We will periodically announce special pricing on select DAN merchandise that we will make available to AVDD club members. Naturally, these prices will not be published on line for obvious reasons. They are a part of your membership benefits and are not available to the general public. We will make these offers via email and at our General Membership Meetings. Stay tuned for more benefits from your Antelope Valley Desert Divers.


Dive Safely