Coastal Cleanup Day 2018
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Coastal Cleanup Day 2018


Coastal Cleanup Day 2018 - 9/15/2108

In cooperation with Heal The Bay AVDD is participating in the 32nd Annual Coastal Cleanup Day. AVDD will host a beach cleanup at our adopted beach, Dan Blocker/Solstice Beach. Volunteers can preregister and fill out their release of liability at:

Registration from 8:00 to 9:00, Cleanup from 9:00 to 11:00.


Bring friends, bring family, bring everyone. You supply the bodies and we'll supply the trash bags and gloves.

Come out and help us make a difference.

Quarterly Beach Cleanup

AV Desert Divers has teamed up with Heal The Bay and adopted Dan Blocker/Solstice Beach in beautiful Malibu. About once a quarter we are going to get out and do beach cleanup at our adopted beach. The Adopt a Beach (AAB) program is one of the ways A.V.D.D. gives back to the community. Please join us at the beach. Cleanup lasts from 9:00 to 11:00 and we can have lunch at the beach afterward.

11/11/2018  4th Quarter, AVDD at Dan Blocker/Solstice Beaches; Club event on Sunday

1/13/2019  1st Quarter, AVDD at Dan Blocker/Solstice Beaches; Club event on Sunday

4/14/2019  2nd Quarter, AVDD at Dan Blocker/Solstice Beaches; Club event on Sunday

7/14/2019 3 Quarter, AVDD at Dan Blocker/Solstice Beaches; Club event on Sunday

9/14/2019 Coastal Clean up Day 2019

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September Monthly Meeting

John Kitchens


Serving the training and safety needs of the Professional, Public Safety, Educational, Scientific and Recreational SCUBA diver since 1979

DMT, Paramedic, MPA, FPE, CFI,

Retired Fire Captain, LAFD

Instructor/Trainer NAUI #40079 & SSI #28192, PADI #171899 MSDT

Public Safety SCUBA Instructor

PSI Cylinder Inspector Instructor #138



I John is a PSI Cylinder Inspection instructor. A generic talk about cylinder safety, compressor safety, and a talk about the cylinder inspection updates and a review of the cylinder inspection procedure. 

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August Monthly Meeting:   Dave Bunch
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August Monthly Meeting: Dave Bunch

Dave Bunch certified as a basic SCUBA diver in 1962. In 1964 Dave completed the L.A. County's 13TH Underwater Instructors Certification Course (13 U.I.C.C.) and began teaching-certifying divers the very next day. That same year, the first L.A. County Advanced Diver Program started and Dave staffed the first through the 40Th as a dive master and assisted in all other ADP's to date. He has also staffed 14 U.I.C.C.'s as an instructor dive master. Awards over the years are many and include: Outstanding Service as an Instructor to the Underwater Program ( 1967), Outstanding Underwater Instructor (1972, Conrad Limbaugh Award (1993), Presidents Award (1988) and was the recipient of the California SCUBA Service Award (2006). Dave also served on the Board of Director's for the Underwater Instructors Association for many years, and participates in the 3R's Program. He leads three snorkel tours, two days a week at Catalina Island. Dive interests include teaching Basic SCUBA(open water), Intermediate and Advanced Diving Courses, diving for Jade, Spear fishing, game taking, photography, fresh water lake and river diving and Search and salvage diving. Dave worked aboard Princess Cruises (The Love Boat) for ten years teaching crew members and with Astronaut training at the Johnson Space Center's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory for three years while working at The Boeing Company. Previous to that he was in charge of diving operations for Garrett Air Research Mfg. Co. with the first space walks for the Gemini program.

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