Mike Orlando- President,Instructor

Mike has been a board member since 2008.  He started diving in 1996 He is currently a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, EFR Instructor, DAN Instructor BSA Merit Badge counselor.

- The President presides at club meetings, board meetings, and special events.  The President is also the corporate representative at all functions.


Annette Childree- Vice President, MSD

Annette has been a certified diver since 2009 and recently  earned her Master Scuba Diver certification. She was elected Vice President of the club. This past summer, she did her first warm water dives in Cozumel with her husband and some great friends from the club. Cant wait to go again. Dive safe everyone.

-The Vice President is in charge of organizing our yearly membership drive, accuratly tracking memberships, and providing membership updates (number of members, new members, etc.) at each monthly club or board meeting.  The Vice President also prepares and ensures delivery of membership packages to new members.



Robert Wisdom- Treasurer, MSD

Robert has been a board member since 2009. Robert is our treasurer and has held this position since 2009. Robert holds a Master Scuba Diver certification and has been diving for 10 years. When he is not performing his duties for the club as Treasurer, he has other hobbies such as: Bowling, Fishing, Golfing, Camping and many other things. He has 4 children and currently 1 granddaughter. Robert is the only diver in his family and joined the club to find other divers to dive with.

- The Treasurer collects dues and all other club monies, maintains the clubs savings and checking accounts, and makes facility reservations for special events.  The Treasurer also presents a brief finincial report at each club and board meeting and prepares a yearly written financial report for the annual corporate meeting.



Larry Ladd-Secretary, Rescue Diver

Larry has been an active member for many years, and has also served on the board.

-The Secretary takes minutes at both the club and board meetings and maintains those minutes so they are readily accessable during the meetings.  The secretary also maintains an inventory and location of club property.


John Nichols- Programs Director, Rescue Diver

John has been a certified diver for 34 years and has held many club positions from Program Chairman to President. John was certified Open Water in 1978, Nitrox in 2000, Advanced Diver in 2009, CPR & First Aid in 2012, and Rescue Diver in 2012.  He has over 500 dives and has dove the Channel Islands, California coast & lakes, Florida, Hawaii, Blue Hole in New Mexico, Bonne Terre Mine in Missouri, drift diving in the Colorado River, Cozumel, La Paz, Sea of Cortez, Belize, Roatan, Utila, Bonaire, Cayman Islands, Palau, Yap, and Fiji.  As you can see he likes to dive in many different places.  He also enjoys underwater photography and game hunting.

- The Program Officer schedules speakers and/or entertainment for monthly club meetings, special activities, and our annual banquet.  They also coordinate facility needs for guest speakers and introduces them at the event. The Program Officer also obtains raffle prizes for the monthly meeting and ensures that refreshments are available.


Terry Hodgkins- Newsletter Editor,MSD

Terry is a returning board member who has held a number of board positions including previous terms as Newsletter Editor. He holds a Master Scuba Diver rating.

- The Newsletter Editor compiles articles for the newsletter, prepares the newsletter for reproduction, reproduces newsletter, and mails the newsletters before a scheduled club meeting.  The Newsletter Editor also prepares and produces materials needed for the annual banquet and other events.


Don Nipper- Conservation Officer, Divemaster

Don has been an active member for many years, and has also served on the board many years.

- The Conservation Officer advises the membership and Board of Directors on conservation matters including cleanup activities and changes in federal, state and local regulations.  The Conservation Officer also coordinates the clubs involvement in events such as Earth Day, Coastal Clean-up, and other enviromental activites the club pursues.


Ken White- Dive Coordinator

I received my Open Water Certification Feburary 2000 I have been actively diving since then, I have been to the underwater world of Cozumel, Curacao, St. Maarten, The Bahamas, Hawaii, as well as several sites around the Islands of California.

- The Dive Coordinator schedules and coordinates dives and diving events for the club membership including beach, boat, and other diving activities.  The Dive Coordinator also researches and advises the membership and board on diving matters of safety, technical nature, or changes to diving laws and regulations.  Where approporiate, the Dive Coordinator collects money on behalf of the club and ensures the money is received by the treasurer.

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Shawna Ricker- Member at large

- The Member at Large supports the board by assuming the duties temporarily for absent board members and accepting taskings for special activities, such as: Youth Activities, Fund Raising, and Social Function Planning.


Bill Neil- quartermaster

I am a relative rookie diver;  I was able to realize my dream of scuba diving a little over a year ago.  I received my open water dive certification October 2011 at the Avalon Dive Park.  It was a dream come true after picking up occasional dive magazines for the last forty years.  My seventh dive was the manta ray night off Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, which was truly spectacular.  On the clubs Catalina trip I was able to get my advanced certification with the help of the President Mike and my two club dive buddies Larry and Justin and all of the other club members that participated.  This is what makes AVDD great.

- Quartermaster supports the board by compiling and maintaining an inventory of all equipment, durable goods, and expendable supplies of the AVDD, Inc. and periodically reporting to the Board of Directors on the status of equipment and durable goods (condition, repair requirements, replacement) and the quantities on hand for expendable supplies.

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Liliana Elenez- Corporate secretary

-The Corporate Secretary schedules the annual corporate meeting and provides guidence to the participants in the form of an agenda.  They maintain a list of Operating Procedure changes the board approves during the year and incorporates those changes into the yearly update for the corporate meeting.  The Corporate Secretary also works with the Treasurer to fufill any corporate reporting requirements.

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Jeff Carlon- Sergeant at arms

-Sergeant At Arms: A member of the board whose duty includes maintaining order and security.

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Webmaster- open

-The Webmaster maintains the clubs website and makes updates twice a month and as needed for special events and disimination of time critical information.  The Webmaster also insures that the domain registration and hosting accounts are paid up and that site information, e-mail accounts, and auto-forwarding is current.

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Our Mission

A. Educate the general public about water activities such as snorkeling, skin diving, and scuba diving.
B. Provide education and instruction to the general public to develop skills in snorkeling, skin diving, and scuba diving.
C. Provide education and instruction to the general public on underwater safety and underwater conservation and ecology.
D. To directly engage in and provide opportunities for the general public to engage in snorkeling, skin diving, and scuba diving activities.
E. To directly engage in, promote and support, and provide opportunities for the general public to engage in, promote and support underwater conservation and ecology programs.
F. Provide public education and develop public interest in water activities through a speaker's program and the production and distribution of various publications and materials.
G. To sponsor special events for the general public to promote and develop the exchange of snorkeling, skin diving, and scuba diving information and knowledge and to accomplish the primary objectives and purposes of this corporation.
H. To promote and support federal, state, and local organizations with objectives and purposes similar to those of this corporation.