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Meetings are on the "Second Monday" of the Month






Upcoming General Meeting - Monday June 13th, 7:00pm, at the Palmdale Cultural Center






Our June Guest speaker will be:

Leslie Harris

With the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Her topic will be:

Hitch-Hiking Aliens: Unexpected Consequences of the Japanese Tsunami".  The destructive earthquake of 2011 followed by an even more devastating tsunami swept millions of pieces of debris of all sizes from coastal areas into the ocean.  Many of these were colonized by marine animals endemic to the northwest Pacific.  As ocean currents moved the debris eastward some of these animals flourished, including species considered to be among the top 100 invasive species.  Now that they've arrived on the U.S. west coast what are the possible consequences to native ecosystems and fisheries?  And what can be done about it?















 2016 Upcoming Events Calendar                                                                            


 May 4  Chamber Day and Eve
 May 9  Club Meeting: Brett Bovard (PCH Scuba)
 May 14  Club Dive:TBA
 June 4-5  Scuba Show
 June 11  Club Dive:Claim Chowder Dive
 June 13  Club Meeting: Leslie Harris

 July 10

 Club Meeting: Pool Party Robin's house
 July  Club Dive: TBA
 August 8  Club Meeting: TBA
 August 13  Club Dive: TBA











 Thanks for visiting our website!  Founded in 1970, the Antelope Valley Desert Divers is one of the oldest dive clubs in Southern California.  Some of our more senior members have been diving together since the 1950's and have great stories and experiences to share.  Members enjoy many benefits, including discounts on dive boat charters, equipment purchases and rentals, just to name a few.  We also participate in annual clean-up dives and campouts.  Why not come out and visit us at our general meeting or  event.


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